Mother Knows Best

On my 13th birthday, my mother gave me a 2000 page unabridged dictionary. The tome was well over three inches thick and weighed a ton. I'm not sure what my reaction was at the time. It probably hovered somewhere between stunned and totally … [Read more...]

Star-Crossed Lovers

Valentine's Day is a celebration of Love! Just saying the word "Valentine" can trigger a flood of images synonymous with lovers: wine, chocolate, red roses, and romantic candlelit dinners. All the world, it seems, loves a lover--especially this time … [Read more...]

Art of Deception

Looks can be deceiving. Not everything is as it seems. Does that sound like a tagline from a thriller? The truth is no villain or sultry siren can top Mother Nature when it comes to the art of deception. Consider the attached photo. At first … [Read more...]