Between flame and shadow stands a man of honor…

BetweenFlame&ShadowCaptain Ariens, exiled son of Erelon, is bound by oath and honor to serve a powerful sorceress. A Black Arts Adept named Cyrhla.

Cyrhla has many foes, but none so deadly as the faceless enemy now stalking her. His assassins strike deep in the heart of Cyrhla’s Vale, leaving the sorceress near death. To save her, Ariens must find an ancient scroll of power lost centuries ago. Only by securing the Savat Scroll can he discover the true nature of the dark forces aligned against them and end the threat to Cyrhla’s life.

But others covet the power of the scroll. They want to use it to conquer all the lands east of the Daavian Mountains–starting with the Kingdom of Erelon, Ariens’ beloved homeland, where a newly crowned king sits uneasily on the throne.

Between Flame and Shadow is a tale of sorcery, enmity, honor, betrayal, and the quest to find an ancient scroll before its power can be turned to evil…and the evil destroys them all.

Cover Art: Randall Harris

Release Date: Fall 2017